4 x 8 - 5 x 9 - 8 Rectangle Lamp Shade, Washer Fitter, 1/2" Drop

How to measure a rectangle lamp shade:
Top (width x length): The top dimension has both a width and a length.
Bottom (width x length): The two bottom dimensions are measured the same way as the top. 
Slant Height: The height of the shade is measured along the slant. Slant height on a rectangle is measured at the mid-points of the top and bottom rings along the LONGEST SIDE. 

4" x 8" rectangle top
5" x 9" rectangle bottom
8" slant height
Washer fitter with ½" drop

The pictured lampshade is covered with lime green linen fabric provided by one of our customers, but you may choose any covering listed below.

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Note: Not all coverings are available on rectangle shades

SKU: R4x8-5x9-8-W