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Every shade we make is custom made. We feature several shades in our Replacement Lamp Shades section to help you visualize different sizes, shapes and coverings. For all the shades in this section, you may select ANY fabric you choose. Of course, if you don't find an exact match to what you need, visit our Custom Lamp Shades section. To get started, choose the shape of your new lampshade.

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What are the Key Benefits of Lamp Shades to Home Lighting?

When decorating a home, proper lighting is often an afterthought. When considering lighting for a home, carefully choosing the right lamp shades is often as important as the types of lighting fixtures selected. The lamp shade is an item that is often overlooked as having anything more than aesthetic value, but it can offer real benefits.

Simply, lamp shades are symmetrical coverings for a lamp or lighting fixture that helps to filter light. Historically, lamp shades were used to disperse the lighting of candles and oil lamps. In the 19th century, they were made mostly from glass to protect the oil and wick. With the introduction of electricity, lamp shades became more and more of an aesthetic item, used mostly to enhance décor. The modern lamp shade has many uses and can be produced using plastic, fabric, or even metal.

Why are modern-day lamp shades important and what are their functions? They can be free-standing, wall-mounted, or fixed to hang in certain areas of the home such as in the kitchen or dining room.

There is a great selection of options available for lamp shades. Lamp shades are made in a variety of materials ranging from paper shades to glass globes and are symmetrically shaped in forms such as the popular lamp shade drum, cone, barrel, or square. These shades come in various colors and may be trimmed with lace or ribbon.

Replacement Lamp shades, however, offer more than aesthetics to a room. Lamp shades may be used to direct light for personal reading or can be used to provide general lighting to large rooms or walkways. Colorful custom lamp shades can provide tinted light that offers a sense of serenity or romance to a room. Often this type of shade is used in a bathroom or bedroom to aid in relaxation. Some shades even offer the ability to emit fragrance to a room as the light warms the scent or oil.

Lamp shades for children may offer kid-friendly shapes, colors, or even moving parts to keep their attention as they lay down to nap or at bedtime. The proper replacement lamp shade can assist by providing a focal area to any room. Often, lighting is used to place focus on a piece of art or a gallery of pictures. There are many uses of custom lamp shades to direct certain types of lighting in different areas of the home or workplace. The importance of selecting the proper lamp shade should no longer be overlooked, but should be a consideration when selecting any lighting for a home.

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