Lamp Shade Coverings


Computer screens do not show exact colors, so we recommend you order swatches if color match is crucial. To order a swatch, click on the style you like below. We will mail your swatches within one business day of ordering.

Hospitality and Re-Sellers may prefer to order a complete swatch set.

You may mix and match trims on any custom shade. Click here to view our available trim selection.

Don't see the covering you're looking for? You can also take advantage of our Customer's Own Material option if there's a particular type of fabric you require. Simply send us the fabric and trim you would like us to use.  As soon as your fabric arrives, we'll complete your order.

Linen Color Comparison
COM : Customer's Own Material
Swatch : Burlap : Natural
Swatch : Burlap : Off White
Designer Chintz : Cameo
Designer Chintz : Putty
Designer Chintz : White
Designer Linen : Chianti
Designer Linen : Chilie
Designer Linen : Cigar
Designer Linen : Dijon
Designer Linen : Frog
Designer Linen : Ivory
Designer Linen : Pirate
Designer Linen : Taupe
Designer Linen : White
Faux Silk : Claret
Linen : Anna Cream
Linen : Beige
Linen : Beige Homespun
Linen : Black
Linen : British Tan
Linen : Burgundy
Linen : Capri
Linen : Chocolate
Linen : Coal Dust
Linen : Cobalt Blue
Linen : Glacier Blue
Linen : Golden Rod
Linen : Hot Orange
Linen : Hunter Green
Linen : Louise Cream
Linen : Mauve
Linen : Ming Red
Linen : Navy Blue
Linen : Olive Drab
Linin : Pink
Linen : Purple
Linen : Robin Egg
Linen : Robo Orange
Linen : Tan
Linen : Tea Leaf
Linen : White
Paper : Black Matte
Paper : Black with Gold Foil
Paper : Ivory Vellum
Paper : Kinwashi
Swatch : Kraft Light
Paper : Natural Speckled
Paper : Oiled Kraft
Paper : White Elephant
Paper : White Gloss
Paper Kozo : Cosmos
Paper Kozo : Fossil Leaf Brown
Paper Kozo : Fossil Leaf Gold
Paper Kozo : Fossil Leaf Green
Paper Kozo : Fossil Leaf Natural
Paper Kozo : Fossil Leaf Pink
Paper Kozo : Fossil Leaf Purple
Paper Kozo : Fuchsia Bamboo
Paper Kozo : Fuchsia Cosmos
Paper Kozo : Natural White
Paper Kozo : Pastel Lavender
Paper Kozo : Pastel Pink
Paper Kozo : Pastel Yellow
Pleated : Flute Natural
Pleated : Knife Black
Pleated : Knife Natural
Pleated : Knife White
Pleated : Mushroom Black
Pleated : Mushroom Bone
Pleated : Mushroom Cream
Pleated : Mushroom Navy Blue
Pleated : Mushroom White
Swatch : See-Through : Organza Black
Swatch : See-Through : Organza Silver
Self Adhesive : Hollywood Lights®
Silk : Black Shantung
Silk : White Shantung
Vinyl-Coated : Linen Cream
Vinyl-Coated : Linen White