Top Ring Bulb Clip

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Quick Overview

A Bulb Clip attachment is a fitting most used on lamp shades and sconces with standard "Edison-style" lightbulbs. These are the bulbs still found in most homes, but should not be confused with the CFL-type (energy efficient) bulbs. The bulb clip fitter clips directly on to the light bulb. Generally, bulb clip fitters are used on lamp shades with top dimensions starting at 4" and going up to about 8". If you try to use a bulb clip attachment on a shade with a larger top measurement than 8", it is likely your shade will be difficult to balance. It is therefore not recommended to use bulb clip fitters with larger lamp shades.

To measure the drop on a bulb clip fitter, turn the lamp shade upside down on a table top. Measure the distance straight up and down from the table top to the metal washer fitting holding the wires together which form the metal clip.

You may order this item as a ring (without ordering a shade). To do so, simple configure the options and add the item to your cart.