Custom Rectangle Lampshade

Custom Rectangle Lampshade

Custom Chandelier Lampshade

Custom Chandelier Lampshade

Custom Oval Lampshade

Creating a custom oval lampshade is much easier than you think. Start by entering the dimensions of the lampshade you need.

If your lampshade requires unique customization such as custom shade lining, rolled edges or bottom fitters, click here to switch to Expert mode.

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You won't believe how easy it is to create your own Custom Oval Lampshade in the exact size, shape and color you desire. Get a perfect match to an existing lampshade you have, or configure one using your own dimensions. Fabric lampshades feature a tradition band of trim in the same material color as the covering at the top and bottom of the shade. Paper lampshade (and some other specialty coverings) feature a thin band of lampshade tape in a coordinating color. To see how a particular lampshade might look with trim, have a look at our Lampshade Coverings. There, you will see an image of each covering, with its trim style, as well as how the lampshade will look when illuminated.
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Washer Attachment

A Washer fitter (also know as a Spider) is the most common fitter. Most large shades have washer fitters. If your lamp has a harp, then you will need a washer fitter. The harp consists of 2 metal posts (known as a HARP) connected to the base of the light socket. These posts run next to the bulb up through the washer fitter atop the bulb and is fastened by a finial which screws on to the top. Some washers are slotted, which means they have a cut-out slot which slips over the electrical cord of your lamp. This is common for lighting suspended from a ceiling electrical cable.  The inner-dimension of a washer fitter measures 1/2".

Another variation on the Washer fitter is the Reflector Bend fitter.  If your lamp shade rests upon a glass bowl with an 8" diameter, then you most likely require a Washer Fitter with a Reflector Bend.  A Reflector Bend is nothing more than spoke wires with a small teepee bend on each spoke.  This will prevent your shade from slipping off the glass bowl.  If you requrie the reflector bend, please be sure to note that information in the comments section when placing your order.  Your shade may not arrive with this option if it is not requested.  Also, if your glass bowl does not measure 8" in diameter, please contact us, as our standard reflector bend may not work correctly with your bowl.

Flame Clip Attachment

A Flame Clip fitter is most commonly used on standard flame-style bulbs found on chandelier fixtures. The shade clips directly on to the bulb. "Standard" drop for a Flame Clip fitter is ½".  For custom shades with a 3" top, we will use a Flame Clip rather than a Bulb Clip unless you specify otherwise.

Bulb Clip Attachment

A Bulb Clip fitter clips directly on a standard light bulb. This is common for desktop lamps and smaller-sized shades. If the shade is large or heavy, consider a different fitter, because the bulb must carry the entire weight of a bulb clip shade. "Standard" drop for a Bulb Clip fitter is ½".  For top rings measuring 4" or more, we will use a Bulb Clip rather than a Flame Clip unless you specify otherwise.

Uno Attachment

An Uno fitter sits atop the light socket, and then the bulb is screwed into the socket, holding the shade in place. This is a typical fitter on some desk lamps and floor lamps. Some floor lamps require "THREADED" uno fitters.  If your shade requires an uno fitter which screws on to the base of your floor lamp socket, make sure to specify that you need a THREADED uno.  The inner dimension of an uno fitter is 1 1/4"

European Attachment

A EUROPEAN fitter is similar to an Uno fitter, except the inner dimension of the ring measures 1 9/16".  The European fitter generally resembles a large, flat washer, with the thickness of a penny.  The European fitter slips on to the socket, and then a plastic or metal cap gets screwed on to hold the fitter in place.  The European-style fitting is becoming more and more popular.  Imported lamps, and lamps purchased from IKEA or Pottery Barn almost always require European fitters.  Sometimes, this fitting is also known as an E26, E27 or Nord fitting.  Check the inner diameter.  If it's 1 9/16", order this fitter.  Our EUROPEAN fittings are generally painted WHITE.

Swag Washer Attachment

A Swag Washer fitter is similar to a regular washer, except they have a cut-out slot which slips over the electrical cord of your lamp. This is common for pendant lighting suspended from a ceiling electrical cable.  The inner-dimension of a slotted washer fitter measures 3/8".

Chimney Attachment

A Chimney fitter, also referred to as a hurricane fitter is not very common anymore, but is necessary if you have a lamp requiring a chimney. Generally, antique lamps--especially oil lamps (hurricane lamps) require the chimney fitter. The chimney fits directly over the glass opening at the top of these kinds of lamps.  The inner diameter of a standard chimney fitter is 2 3/8".