Custom Flex Cord Round Drum Pendant Light

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Custom Flex Cord Round Drum Pendant Light


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Designing your own Custom Flex Cord Pendant Fixture has never been easier. Here are some tips to help in case any of the selection items are confusing.

  • Select the lampshade diameter (widest distance across the top)
  • Select the lampshade height (vertical distance from top to bottom) of your shade
  • Select the desired lampshade covering
  • Select the cord and canopy colors
  • Select the acrylic diffuser size. Note: Acrylic diffusers are generally 1/4" smaller than the bottom diameter of your lampshade. Also, it is recommended to order even-sized lampshade diameters if a diffuser is needed.
  • Select the number of bulb sockets needed. Recommendation: Up to 16 inch diameter : Single Socket | 16 to 19 inches : Double Socket | 20 to 29 inches : Triple Socket | 30 inches or more : 5 Socket
  • Select the desired distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the fixture
  • Select the correct number and style of bulbs to achieve the desired lumens (brightness) for the fixture

  • 120 Volts
  • Connects to standard junction box

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