Custom Oval Lampshade

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Creating a custom oval lampshade is much easier than you think. Start by entering the dimensions of the lampshade you need.

If your lampshade requires unique customization such as custom shade lining, rolled edges or bottom fitters, click here to switch to Expert mode.

You won't believe how easy it is to create your own Custom Oval Lampshade in the exact size, shape and color you desire. Get a perfect match to an existing lampshade you have, or configure one using your own dimensions. Fabric lampshades feature a tradition band of trim in the same material color as the covering at the top and bottom of the shade. Paper lampshade (and some other specialty coverings) feature a thin band of lampshade tape in a coordinating color. To see how a particular lampshade might look with trim, have a look at our Lampshade Coverings. There, you will see an image of each covering, with its trim style, as well as how the lampshade will look when illuminated.