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Commercial Rectangle Shade


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Our commercial fixtures are constructed with 3/16" or 1/4" steel rod made to your specification. The top metal support rods are slightly below the top of the shade and can have as many 1/2" washer connection points as you desire. Unless specified otherwise, the washers will be distributed evenly along the top bar, one washer for approximately every 12 inches of length.

Exposed metal can be painted in your selected color.

Select any material covering. Shades will arrive with coordinating trim at the top and bottom of the shade.

These fixtures do not include lighting.  If you require lighting, have a look at our LumaShade LED Lighting products.

What is this?

What is this?

SKU: CUSTOM COMMERCIAL RECTANGLE. Catalog: Lampshades, Custom Lampshades

Lampshade Coverings

Computer screens do not show exact colors. Consider ordering swatch samples if color match is crucial. Click on a covering below to view detail about the covering or to order an individual swatch. Or, order a complete swatch set.
Did you know?
You can request a contrasting trim on your lampshade. You might want a white lampshade with black trim. To do so, indicate both the width and the color of the desired trim in the Product Comments section.
Like this : Trim this shade with 1/2 inch Linen Black