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Custom Rectangle Half Lampshade


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Custom rectangle half lampshades, sometimes referred to as sconce shades or ADA lampshades, are as easy to order as our regular lamp shades. They differ from regular lampshades in that a portion of the shade is cut away. This allows placement of the lampshade closer to the wall, or creating a "shield" or half-shade effect which reflects light back against the wall.

Proper position of the fitter relative to the front or back of the shade is critical for half-shades, so be as specific as possible when describing how you want your lamp shade to connect to your lamp.  Email us a photo or diagram, if possible.

If your lampshade requires unique customization such as custom shade lining or rolled edges, click the button to switch to Expert mode.

Please describe the exact position of the attachment fitting relative to either the front or back of the lamp shade. If you are replacing a half-shade, an emailed photo of your current shade is extremely helpful.

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Computer screens do not show exact colors. Consider ordering swatch samples if color match is crucial. Click on a covering below to view detail about the covering or to order an individual swatch. Or, order a complete swatch set.
Did you know?
You can request a contrasting trim on your lampshade. You might want a white lampshade with black trim. To do so, indicate both the width and the color of the desired trim in the Product Comments section.
Like this : Trim this shade with 1/2 inch Linen Black