Special Options Available for Most Lampshades

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Special Options Available for Most Lampshades

Lampshade Style - Rolled Edge Lampshdes

Rolled Edge Lampshades (also known as California Roll) are lampshades without trim. They are often preferred in modern decor, where the desire is to create a lampshade with less lines. The rolled edge is available when ordering fabric as the covering. Fabrics include Burlap, All the Varieties of Linens, and Vinyl-Coated Coverings. Lampshades WITHOUT rolled edges feature a 1/2" band of coordinating bias trim at the top and bottom of the shade.

If the look you are trying to achieve is bold or modern, Rolled Edge is probably a good option for you.

Note: If you select COM as the covering, meaning you send fabric to us, we will always roll the edges. It is not necessary to select Rolled Edges for COM lampshades.  Rolled edges are also generally preferred if you choose to have your shade made with a special lining, such as foil or any one of our available coverings.

Interior Lining Preference - Add Light-Blocking Layer - Make Shade Opaque

All of our coverings, (with the exception of Foil-Lined, Paper : Black Matte and Paper : White Gloss) allow light to pass through the covering. Sometimes, this is not desirable, especially for colorful shades, where bright colors tend to get washed out when the lamp is illuminated.

If you want to have an opaque lampshade, meaning almost no light passes through the shade, select this option. The lining of your shade will have an additional layer of a special light-blocking white styrene.  This added layer features a subtle marble pattern which prevents most light from passing through.  Alternatively, you may also specify either Copper, Gold or Silver foils as the light-blocking interior.

For the two shades shown to the left, both shades are made with the same covering Linen : Poppy.  The lampshade on the left is the standard covering, without any light blocking.  Light shines through the fabric, and the color of the shade changes when the light is turned on.  For the shade on the right with light-blocking layer, light does not pass through the fabric, so the shade keeps it color whether the lamp is turned on or off.

Top Attachment or Bottom Attachment - Does Hardware Connect to Top or Bottom of Lampshade

Most lampshades have attachment hardware that is integrated in the TOP RING of the lampshade. Some lampshades have hardware that attaches to the BOTTOM RING of the lampshade. This is especially common for European-style attachments. If you want your hardware to connect to the BOTTOM RING, then select this option.

Please note, Top Ring Attachments have an Attachment Drop measurement, meaning the vertical distance from the top of your shade to the attachment point. If you request a Bottom Ring Attachment, we will use the Attachment Drop measurement to be the Attachment Rise, meaning the vertical distance from the bottom of your shade to the attachment.

Wrap This Shade in Protective Cello for Retail Sale

If you wish, we can cello-wrap any lampshade in protective cellophane. This cello material must be removed before using the lampshade, but it is very helpful in protecting the shade if it either stored or displayed on a shelf or on a lamp for the purposes of resale.