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A SMALL EUROPEAN fitter is similar to a standard EUROPEAN fitter, except the inner dimension of the SMALL EUROPEAN measures 1 3/8". The SMALL European fitter generally resembles a large, flat washer, with the thickness of a penny. The SMALL European attachment slips on to the socket of your lamp, and then a plastic or metal cap gets screwed on to hold the fitter in place. Both European-style attachments is becoming more and more popular. Imported lamps, and lamps purchased from IKEA, Pottery Barn, Target or Walmart almost always require one or the other European fitters. Check the inner diameter of the attachment on the shade you are replacing. If it measures 1 3/8", order this fitter.

You may order this item as a ring (without ordering a shade). To do so, simple configure the options and add the item to your cart.