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You are just one step away from creating custom lamp shades or replacement lamp shades.

To begin, simply click on the type of shade you need. Round shades are the most commonly ordered.

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The hunt to find an exact match for your replacement lamp shades inevitably ends in total frustration.  The reason for this, is there are so many combinations possible, and no store, no matter how large they are, is able to carry an assortment of lamp shades to serve the majority of people. 

To start with, there are the varying shapes: round lamp shades, square lamp shades, oval lamp shades and rectangle lamp shades.  And then there are the various sizes, chandelier lamp shades, drum lamp shades, table lamp shades, coolie lamp shades, empire lamp shades or barrel lamp shades.  Minimally, each shade has a top diameter, bottom diameter, and height.  How about a fitter?  Clip fitter, washer fitter, uno fitter, European fitter, chimney fitter.  And finally, the color.  From white lamp shades to earth-tone lamp shades to colored lamp shades and black lamp shades, there are literally millions of variations.  Finding an exact match for your replacement lamp shade is like getting 6 numbers right on the lottery. customers know they can get the exact match to their replacement lamp shade simply by plugging in their required dimensions and fabric choice.  Within 3 days, a brand new custom lamp shade is constructed and on its way.  And because we sell direct to our customers, the prices are unbelievably low.

At, you can order replacement lamp shades for lyour lamps ordered from Ikea ™, Pottery Barn ™, Baldwin Brass Lamp™, Stiffel Lamps ™, Target ™, Ethan Allen ™ and many more.

We have been making lamp shades since 1945. Today, is the largest custom lamp shade manufacturer in the USA.  All of our products are proudly made in the US, and our materials are purchased exclusively from US companies.

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